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How the Paymail protocol improves the Bitcoin SV user experience

Xiaohui Liu, Founder and CEO at sCrypt, outlines how Paymail helps improve the user experience and why it’s a good fit for some businesses working on the BSV blockchain.

The benefits of participating in the technical standards programme

From newly elected to founding members and contributors of the Technical Standards Committee (TSC) for Bitcoin SV, discover why these five blockchain entrepreneurs consider their contribution to the TSC a worthwhile investment.

Angus Brown to improve collaboration and make TSC more accessible as new Chair

Bitcoin Association is pleased to announce Angus Brown as the new Chair of the Technical Standards Committee.

FATF ‘Travel Rule’ Survey

The TSC conducted a survey in May 2022 to test attitudes towards the ‘Travel Rule’. Angus Brown member of the TSC and sponsor of the ‘Travel Rule’ standard share the survey conclusions.

How BSV standards enhance profitability, growth, sustainability of businesses, and the BSV ecosystem

To give you insight into how the Bitcoin SV technical standards programme contributes to the profitability, growth, and sustainability of the entire ecosystem, we spoke to five TSC members and technical standards programme contributors.

How technical standards advance the blockchain industry

What inspires developers, business owners and executives to participate in the Technical Standards Programme? We spoke to five TSC members and technical standards programme contributors to gain insight into the value they see in the programme.

Technical Standards Committee appoints five additional members

The Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC), an industry-led standards organisation for the BSV ecosystem, today announces that it adds five additional members to the committee.

A matrix for pitching blockchain to the C-suite

To guide consultants in translating their blockchain solution into C-suite speak, we spoke to Shawn Ryan and Bryan Daugherty, Co-Founders of blockchain distribution channel, SmartLedger solutions, and CDO, Gregory Ward.

Joint blockchain ventures between government and private healthcare

The best results are possible when private enterprises use blockchain applications to work with government agencies to deliver solutions that benefit the public good.

The dream of Web 3.0, and where blockchain fits in

Many have inferred that Blockchain technology will be a critical component for ushering in the Web3 paradigm. However, if the particular blockchain that is utilised is not very useful, then what use will be any solution that leverages it? Blockchain Tech writer, Todd Price has his say

Quarterly Reports | Q1 2022

The TSC looks back at the highlights and achievements of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Programme over the first quarter of 2022.

Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee member in focus: Masumi Hamahira

In this fist edition of our TSC member profile series in 2022, we speak to committee member Masumi Hamahira – Executive Advisor for the Islamic Banking Window, MUFG Bank. 

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