Recording | Introducing Bitcoin SV Technical Standards
By Technical Standards Committee
Published: May 19, 2021

Watch the recording of Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC) introductory webinar outlining the process of creating industry standards for Bitcoin SV development to enable greater accessibility and interoperability across the entire Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

The webinar focused on the process of standardisation and its advantages, in addition to discussing the organisation’s roadmap currently in development with input from the wider community. Members of the TSC explained the role of the organisation and its goals, before the floor was opened to questions from attendees to provide further detail on key points.


0:08 – Welcome and introduction – Steve Shadders, CTO, nChain

09:05 – Technical standards programme – Alex Fauvel, co-founder & general partner, Two Hop Ventures

30:46 – TSC Roadmap – James McLeod, CTO, The Hopper

48:56 – Q&A Session – Angus Brown, co-founder & CEO, Centbee

1:01:46 – Closing Remarks – Steve Shadders, CTO, nChain

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