Roadmap form

Roadmap participation form

The roadmap is designed to summarise the current standardisation landscape for the Bitcoin SV ecosystem.

To help define the areas of focus and standardisation goals for the roadmap, we invite you to describe the area you see as a priority and the standardisation goals that will affect your area of work within the next two-year period in the form. We would also like to know if you have started work on a solution on the standardisation area you have listed. Please do not discard areas already covered in the roadmap draft.

We ask that you include all areas of priority. Your organisation will then confirm them as areas that require attention for the roadmap.

Deadline to participate is May 10, 2021.

    In the next stage of the roadmap development process, TSC will hold a number of targeted consultations with industry participants. Please indicate if you would like to participate. Depending on the number of submissions received, we might not be able to invite all participants.