The TSC roadmap aims to provide clear technical direction for the industry at large, in-line with the committee’s mission to promote technical excellence and improve the utility of Bitcoin SV by enhancing interoperability through standardisation.

Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Roadmap 2021-2023

As an organising body, the purpose of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC) is to facilitate industry collaboration; its success relies on the participation of industry stakeholders and ecosystem businesses. Therefore, the TSC has extended an open invitation for interested stakeholders to submit feedback on the draft roadmap which has closed early May 2021. This was followed by a public review of the roadmap which has now closed.

Public review

The TSC would like to extend its sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the stakeholders’ submission and public review phases of the Bitcoin SV technical standards roadmap 2021-2023 drafting process.

The stakeholders comments and feedback from the public review will inform the final roadmap draft and serve as data supporting the plans and goals it details. The TSC hope to launch its roadmap later this Summer. Monitoring and updating it is necessary, and a formal review will take place every 6-months. Parallel to the review, the TSC will reassess priorities and dependencies by producing a separate matrix document.

Stakeholders Canvas

We wish to take the opportunity to provide additional information on some of the submissions and address questions we have received during this stakeholders’ canvas stage. We invite you to read the roadmap stakeholders’ canvas Q&A.

Roadmap draft

You can view the roadmap draft that was shared to public review.