The TSC is extending an open invitation for interested stakeholders to submit feedback on the draft roadmap during the public review stage.

Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Roadmap 2021-2023

As an organising body, the purpose of the Bitcoin SV Technical Standards Committee (TSC) is to facilitate industry collaboration; its success relies on the participation of industry stakeholders and ecosystem businesses. Therefore, the TSC is extending an open invitation for interested stakeholders to submit feedback on the draft roadmap. The information gathered through this process will inform the final roadmap draft and support the plans and goals it details.

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Roadmap planning

The roadmap aims to provide clear technical direction for the industry at large, in-line with the committee’s mission to promote technical excellence and improve the utility of Bitcoin SV by enhancing interoperability through standardisation. The roadmap is designed to summarise the current standardisation landscape for the Bitcoin SV ecosystem. It is intended to help people navigate emerging standards and includes several proposed areas for future development based on feedback received from stakeholders.

Also included is a selection of prior art or proposals for consideration. Standards listed under this section have not been proposed for development. These are commonly adopted ways of solving a problem that could be turned into a standard or proposals that could be considered for standardisation. The TSC does not decide when to develop a new standard. The process is industry-driven. Individuals or companies who wish to see these proposals being standardised are invited to come forward and submit a proposal for consideration.

Roadmap public review

If you or your organisation is interested in helping to define the areas of focus and standardisation goals for the roadmap, please complete the participation form. You will be asked to describe the area you see as a priority and the standardisation goals that will affect your area of work within the next two-year period. We would also like to know which standards you see as priorities for development and any other standards that they depend on.

Please do not discard areas already covered in the roadmap draft displayed below from your form. We ask that you include all areas of priority. Your organisation will then confirm these as areas that require attention for the roadmap.

When making submissions, it is imperative that organisations:

  • Explain the current status of the areas you are submitting on, including the requirements, challenges and reasoning for standardisation.
  • Identify the requirements that standardising the selected area would entail.
  • Propose measures and methods for the implementation of the standard.
  • Demonstrate how interoperability between applications in the selected area would improve the utility of Bitcoin SV for the benefit of the broader ecosystem.

Why participate in the public review

Participating in the TSC’s roadmap process can be a worthwhile endeavour for organisations involved in the Bitcoin SV industry. Your participation and contribution will help to:

  • Ensure that your organisation’s technical needs are addressed in the development of industry standards in a timely and satisfactory manner.
  • Ensure that your organisation is building in a manner that minimises technical debt/waste and facilitates maximum interoperability with the rest of the industry.
  • Remove redundancies by improving your organisation’s awareness of other solutions that are being developed.
  • Broadcast areas of concern to drive priorities for others in the ecosystem.
  • Discover new opportunities to collaborate with other participants to lower development costs, reduce execution risk, shorten time to market, and ultimately, increase enterprise value.
  • Stay close to the cutting edge of the industry’s development.

Roadmap audience

The roadmap is aimed at businesses and authorities interested in contributing to the development of Bitcoin infrastructure.

These may include:

  • Application and infrastructure developers
  • Businesses operating in the digital asset space
  • Public and government institutions
  • Regulators and standard-setting organisations
  • External parties monitoring activity and growth of the Bitcoin ecosystem

Stakeholder canvas

The TSC would like to extend its sincere thanks to everyone who participated in the stakeholders’ submission phase of the Bitcoin SV technical standards roadmap 2021-2023 drafting process. The feedback and information gathered during the submission phase which took place in April have informed the roadmap that is now in public review.

We wish to take the opportunity to provide additional information on some of the submissions and address questions we have received during this stakeholders’ canvas stage. We invite you to read the roadmap stakeholders’ canvas Q&A.

Roadmap draft

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