Invoice-based payments
by Julie G on 10 August 2021
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TS 2021.014-20

Invoice-based payments

ProposerBernhard Müller, Krzysztof Fonał
TSC SponsorAndy Mee
AuthorsBernhard Müller, Krzysztof Fonał
ReviewersAleksandar Dinkov, Angus Adams, Angus Brown, Brandon Bryant, Cain Nuss, Chen Hao, Craig Porter, Darren Kellenschwiler, Jad Wahad, Janez Urevc, Jonathan Vaage, Kapil Jain, Long Li, Linjie Zhang, Lorien Gamaroff, Mauro Lewinzon, Rafa Jimenez, Raymond Alawode, Roger Taylor, Ty Everett, Usman Salahuddin


Payment related BIPs to be governed by the TSC.

Currently, the BSV BIP libraries are not well structured and do not have an “official” repository. Across the industry, some of the BIPs which are mostly references, are not being used as they are intended to be used.

The BIP270/272 extension would also allow us to agree on an appropriate format for Travel Rule Information to be distributed around, making it a possible communication channel to the Travel Rule Standard currently being drafted by a TSC Working Group in which I am a reviewer.

Value proposition

Improve the existing standard by making it more streamlined, add more useful features, and provide the correct information to its users quickly and easily. See the pull request.

We will submit a pull request for BIP 272 soon which aligns with the industry’s actual format. We have further ideas about extending BIP 270 which are not yet ready to be made public, but can be discussed in a TSC meeting with NDAs in place.


Bernhard Müller and Krzysztof Fonał – Representatives of other BSV wallets and/or payments companies like HC, MB, SimplyCash, Volt, ElectrumSV.

Prior art

BIP270 and BIP272

Proposed solution

See pull request linked above.

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